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Take These Vitamins for Your Best Skin Ever

Though you might use all the right cleansers, toners, serums, essences, exfoliators, and moisturizers, you won’t have truly good skin if you’re missing all the vitamins and minerals that keep it healthy in the first place.

When skin is nourished, it’ll look all the more beautiful and glowing. To get the best skin ever, here are some key vitamins you should add to your beauty regimen.

But first — to take or apply?
For many of these vitamins, you can both take them as an oral supplement (or get them from the food you eat) or put them directly on your skin. Which is better?

Though topical application immediately and directly affects the skin, an oral supplement impacts the health of your whole body. Instead of letting your skin hog all the vitamin C, your body gets to disperse the vitamin to wherever it’s needed.

Though taking vitamins orally may not make an immediate change in your skin’s appearance, it will definitely improve the overall quality of your health and skin in the long run.

That doesn’t mean that topical application is bad. It can be another great way to keep your skin nourished. But for full-body health (that also really boosts skin into #nofilter territory), oral intake of these vitamins is the way to go.

7 vitamins that give you great skin
1. Vitamin C
First up, a well-known powerhouse. Vitamin C does two great things for your skin: protects against UV rays and helps synthesize collagen. Sadly, that doesn’t mean you can go eat an orange and forgo sunscreen.

You still need sunscreen for full UV protection. However, vitamin C can help repair sun damage and add an extra layer of protection.

As for collagen, this is really important. Collagen is what keeps your skin firm and bouncy. As we age, collagen production naturally goes down, so our skin starts to sag down with it.

Since vitamin C aids collagen production, that means it keeps your skin looking firm and lifted — basically it’s the water bra of skin nutrients.

According to a review from the University of Otago, the efficacy of topical vitamin C is unclear. In some studies, it seemed to help, in others it didn’t, or it only worked when paired with vitamin E and some kind of delivery oil.

But ingesting vitamin C works great. Thankfully, you can get vitamin C from all kinds of fruits and vegetables (citrus fruits, cherries, berries, broccoli, and leafy greens are especially high in the vitamin).

You can also take a vitamin C supplement, but getting your C through food is preferred. Plus, you get all the fiber, nutrients, and other goodies that whole fruits and vegetables offer when you get your dose of vitamin C the old-fashioned way.