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Skinfluencers are the new influencers. In short: they are obsessed with all things skin. They are the ones on  IG Stories talking animatedly about ingredients, sharing selfie videos on treatment tables, and showing off their gloriously glowing complexions in the grid. They’re obsessed with all things skincare and are happy to share their glow-giving secrets with their followers.

With that in mind, I called on seven of my favorite skinfluencers to ask them the difficult question: if they had to strip it all back to just one thing that they credit with giving their skin life and making it the envy of thousands, what would it be? Keep scrolling for their answers.

Skin type: Generally normal, but sensitive and rosacea-prone

Hannah is a scientist and self-confessed “sunscreen queen” based in Melbourne, Australia. She is always trying new products and sharing her favorites—plus, we’re obsessed with the makeup collages on her feed.

Hannah English


Hannah’s #1 Skin Tip: Use Gentler Cleansers

“The number one thing that truly changed my skin was using gentle and fragrance-free cleansers. The same rules apply to most serums as well; [I used ones] with no essential oils.

“When I made the change, I stopped feeling sensitivity so often, and a lot of redness and acne cleared up within a few months from August to November last year. It makes sense to me, because acne is an inflammatory condition and I had removed a source of potential irritation! It’s particularly important for cleansers because the surfactants in a cleanser are designed to penetrate skin and get the dirt out, but this means they can penetrate and get the irritation in, too.

“I think for thicker products that don’t penetrate deeply, a small amount is okay (it depends what’s in it though). If  dealing with rosacea or sensitivity, not using essential oils is definitely worth a try in my experience. It seems simple, but it’s quite hard to find this kind of product. My favoorites are the cleansing milk from Buly 1803 and the cleansing balm from Deviant Skincare.  can’t go wrong with either!”

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