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Amanda Montell

I think most of us can agree that summer 2019 has been aesthetically pretty whimsical. ’90s hair clips? Adorable. The Jonas Brothers being unironically popular again? Precious. Spiked sparkling water? So playful! I mean, “I’m baby” is literally one of the most popular slang terms of the season. If that’s not whimsy, then I don’t know what is.

This season’s makeup trends are leaning the way of offbeat and fanciful, as well—and I am personally living for it. Long gone are the days when it was customary to wear a matte liquid lipstick and cumbersome smoky eye on an average weekday, and in is a glorious new era when wearing clear lip gloss and a single bright eye color that looks as if a 7-year-old picked it out is considered cool.

As a fan of quaint, quirky makeup colors, I have embraced the living daylights out of the simple, yet colorful eyeshadow trend (which, #humblebrag, one of our editors long ago predicted would be huge in 2019). As I’ve been experimenting with whimsical eye looks over the last six months or so, I’ve accumulated quite a few products and application techniques, which are ludicrously easy to use and yet earn me scores of compliments. Read on to see 15 products (and tips) for mastering the “I’m baby” eye makeup looks I’m loving this summer.


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